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Opti Airbag 48 Liter (Blue)

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Heavy duty airbags provide buoyancy and safety to your Opti sailboat without adding weight and sacrificing speed. Unique twist lock tube valve allows for easy inflation and deflation. 48Liter size made of durable coated nylon, not the brittle PVC material. These bags are sourced exclusively from Optiparts, a world leader in Optimist parts and accessories.

  • 48 Liter size (standard)
  • Heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon buoyancy bag
  • Compliant with IOD'95 rules
  • Twist lock tube valve for easy inflating
  • Manufactured by Optiparts
  • Inflated: 29 cm x 92 cm
  • Deflated: 44 cm x 98 cm
  • Radius: 5 cm
  • Content : 48L

Opti Airbag Tips & Advice

  • Airbags can last a long time if taken care of properly.
  • Removing airbags from the boat when traveling or in the off season helps extend their lifespan.
  • Avoid over-inflating the bags as this puts extra pressure on the seams.
  • When storing, roll the bags rather than fold them.
  • Temperature changes are the number one cause of failure (transitioning from cold water to hot temps on land). Reducing air pressure when the boat is on land in the sun will help minimize this issue.
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