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Mustang Re-Arm Kit (Automatic HIT)

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Typically Ships in 7-10 Days from Portland, OR

These Re-Arm Kits contain everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Survival inflatable PFD after deployment. Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits for Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.

*Ground shipping only (no air/expedited) due to C02 restriction*

  • Any component which is dated should be replaced before the expiration date passes.
  • On automatic inflating PFD models, the inflator bobbin should be replaced on a regular basis, even if the PFD hasn't been used (see PFD instructions).
  • Inflation pins and bobbins are included.
  • MA7219 Conversion Cap is a special use item which covers the water inlet port on Mustang Survival hydrostatic inflators (HIT models), allowing them to be activated manually, instead of automatically.