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McLube Sailkote Marine Lubricant

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Sailkote, specially formulated with Dupont Krytox, is an easily applied, environmentally friendly, translucent liquid lubricant specifically designed for marine use. It dries quickly to a hard, smooth, ultra-slick, hydrophobic dry coating that bonds tenaciously to almost any surface. The dry lubricant will not attract dirt or contaminants and will not transfer to other surfaces. Easily applied by spraying, wiping or brushing onto a clean, dry surface. However, make sure you mask off any areas that you do not want coated.

  • Translucent liquid sprays or wipes on
  • Bonds to clean surfaces
  • Dries in 10 seconds!
  • Long lasting
  • Clean, dry, & easy to use
  • Can apply to a variety of objects: Mast tracks, Sail tracks, Battens, Dolly wheels, Telltales, and more!
  • 8 fl. oz. can

Team McLube's Sailkote is a high-performance dry lubricant that reduces friction, drag, and corrosion on anything that slides. Available in a 8 oz can. Please note that this item cannot be shipped to Canada and is not eligible for UPS Expedited Shipping methods.



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