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Laser / ILCA Epic Spliced Traveler

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Introducing the EPIC Traveler, the ultimate traveler line for Laser and ILCA sailboats. An upgraded version of our popular Vectran Traveler, the EPIC Traveler is made from New England Ropes W2R, a line that is designed as a wire rope replacement. Its core is pre-stretched using proprietary STS-Stronger Than Steel Technology and the protective sheath is comprised of Dyneema that is coated for increased UV resistance and cover/core bonding. Our expert riggers add a hight tech eye splice with shrink wrap covering for a strong, super low profile finish so you won't snag your tiller. The cover mades this traveler more durable over its lifetime.

  • Traveler for Laser / ILCA sailboats
  • High tech eye splice at one end
  • End whip on the other end
  • New England Ropes W2R Line

West Coast Sailing Rig Shop - This item is hand built by our Rig Shop using industry leading best practices for splicing and rigging so you can be confident in a strong and dependable finished product. It was developed to meet class standards and common deck/rigging layouts, using materials appropriate for its application. Please contact our team if you have any question about this or any other one design or custom rigging needs.

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