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Insignia Cloth

West Coast Sailing is a Leading Supplier of High Quality Insignia Cloth, Dacron Tapes, & Sail Numbers for Sail Makers and Manufacturing


Availability Update: Due to global insignia cloth shortages, wholesale/bulk purchase of sail numbers and insignia cloth rolls has been put on hold. Additional inventory is expected April 2022. Please contact us via email at for additional information.


Sail Numbers, Letters, and Class Emblems 


Die cut from high-tack adhesive backed Insignia cloth that is residue free,  our sail numbers don’t need to be sewn, the material is easy to work with and very durable.  These numbers are cut from a die to assure absolute consistency and quality.  Wholesale pricing below requires a minimum order of 100 sail numbers/letters.  Available in black, red, and blue.  More colors available with special order. 

    • 9" Digital 8 Sail Numbers
    • 10” Pre-Cut Euro Sail Numbers
    • 12” Digital 8 Sail Numbers
    • 12" Pre-Cut Euro Sail Numbers
    • 12" Pre-Cut Euro Letters (Available Letters: A, C, N, S, U)
    • 15” Digital 8 Sail Numbers
    • 18” Digital 8 Sail Numbers
    • Class Emblems


Insignia Cloth - Full Rolls

Our Insignia cloth is backed with high tack adhesive with a printed grid on the backer to help assure alignment when using patterns.  This material is very economical for making sail numbers, emergency sail repairs, or manufacturing; it’s easy to cut and rarely needs sewn.  Available in black, red, blue, green, yellow, and white.  Rolls are 54” wide and 50 yards long.  Please allow for longer lead time when including roll slitting.

    • 54” Wide - 50 Yard Long Rolls - 1-3 Rolls $650/each
    • 54” Wide - 50 Yard Long Rolls - 4+ Rolls $585/each
    • Roll Slitting - $95/first roll, $75 each additional roll


Insignia Cloth - Tapes 

Made from our high quality and durable rolls of Insignia cloth, this tape allows for excellent seams without sewing.  High tack adhesive provides excellent bonding strength.  Ideal for reinforcing seams on manufactured products such as tents, backpacks, suncovers, canopies, and much more.  Wholesale pricing requires a minimum order of 5 rolls.  Available in black and white, but can accommodate other colors with large enough orders.  Rolls are 150’ length.  More widths available by order.  

    • 1” Dacron Tape
    • 2” Dacron Tape
    • 3” Dacron Tape

More colors available with extended lead time. 


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