Ordering Your Sailboat

Q: I want to buy this boat and go sailing. Do I really just add it to my cart?

A: Yup. Really, that's it. A growing portion of our customers place their orders online. It can be faster and easier than emails and phone calls. We don't mind either way. Once the order is in our system, then we get to work. Take a look at the stock status on our website - some boats are in stock and get packed right away and some boats are built to order. Sometimes we have to wait for certain components to arrive, but our logistics team will start planning the delivery of your boat right away. We'll package all the accessories, and then decide on the method of shipping. Sometimes for big orders of many boats, we use a big truck (think semi truck!). We also have our own delivery van and trailer, as well as a network of experienced, contracted delivery drivers. You really don't have to worry about anything, that's our job. We line up the best option and then once the boat is ready, off it goes to you. You'll be notified as we attend to the details to make sure it's simple and transparent from order to delivery.

Please note that in some circumstances, existing dealer territories may prevent us from shipping a boat to you. West Coast Sailing reserves the right to cancel an order if shipping would violate on of these agreements. If you would like to confirm availability of shipping to your chosen destination, please contact our team at or by calling 1-503-285-5536. 

Q: How long does it take to get a sailboat?

A: Each boat’s expected fulfillment time is noted when you're building your shopping cart on our website. As some general guidance, delivery times depend on the stock status, your location, and the size of your boat. Some boats can ship out within a day or two of your order and some boats must be shipped in consolidated delivery shipments on varying time scales. Custom-built boats will have their own, unique lead times. You're welcome to email (or call or text) us at any time for more detail:

Q: Can I just pay for the entire boat with my credit card?

A: Yup. Enjoy collecting those points. :)

Q: I want to order from West Coast Sailing, but I think your price is a little higher - why is that?

A: It's really important to understand advertised prices in our industry. Many dealers charge additional ’freight to our warehouse’ fees on top of the advertised price of the boat. We used to do that, and it was really awful to tell customers, oh yeah, it’s going to be $400-$1,200 more because the boat hasn't come to us from the factory yet...Now, the price you see is what you pay. You won't get surprised with inbound freight fees or document fees or credit card processing fees. You pay for the boat and you pay for delivery. Simple!

Q: Do you have a price matching policy?

A: We do! Email a competing quote to and we'll gladly match prices on the boat and accessories.

Q: Is this the FINAL price?

A: Yup. It's easier for everyone this way. You won't go through the checkout process and then see the ’we'll contact you with the actual shipping cost to your door’ unless you're outside the lower 48. The price you see when you check out is the price to get the boat.

Q: What about Sales Tax?

A: Sales tax laws are changing fast, but at this time, sales tax is only assessed on boats delivered to Washington state. Our home state of Oregon does not have sales tax. Note that other states may ask you to pay tax when you go to register your boat (if you have to register it).

Q: What is your return policy on boats?

A: Boats aren't eligible for returns or exchanges. We want our customers to choose their boat with confidence. If you have questions or want some guidance or advice, don't be shy about contacting us. We're happy to help you be sure you're buying a boat that will work for you and that you'll be happy with.

Q: Are your boat shipments insured? Or is that extra?

A: 100% insured, every time. Honestly, our own insurance agents wouldn't let us do it any other way! Peace of mind for everyone - all included in the boat price.

Q: Where can you ship to? I'm in a place a bit out of the way...

A: There are some territorial restrictions on some of our boats*, but we have shipping methods for every state and province in North America, and we do send boats to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. Our website will produce shipping quotes for most destinations, but if you're outside of these regions, please email and we'll be more than happy to reply promptly with a quote. When you check out on our site, feel free to add notes if you live in a gated community, or down an unmarked road - we've seen it all and more information is always helpful.

*In some circumstances, existing dealer territory restrictions may prevent us from shipping a boat to a specific destination. West Coast Sailing reserves the right to cancel an order if shipping would violate on of these agreements. If you would like to confirm availability of shipping to your chosen destination, please contact our team at or by calling 1-503-285-5536.

Q: How can I get some help after I buy a boat on your site?

A: Fortunately, four of our staff members work in a Customer Support role. You can call, text, or email us. Shoot us a note at for support over the life of your boat. Email if you want advice on a new PFD. We're a specialized business with trained staff and we're here to help you have fun on the water.

Q: That almost 5 star rating on Google is a hoax right?

A: Ha, yes, you caught us! Kidding...we wouldn't even know how to do that. All reviews found on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other services are 100% authentic, whether they are positive or negative. Our team works hard to ensure every sailor has a great experience shopping with us (as evident in a lot of the reviews!) and works equally hard to make things right quickly if we miss on something (as we occasionally do). Over the years, as our business has grown from 1 person to 15 people, the one constant is our commitment to take customer service seriously. That keeps us happy because our customers are happy and out on the water.

Q: So, how does the boat arrive? Do I have to take a day off work for this?

A: Ha, well, we think you *should* take the day off to play with your new boat! But, you don't have to take a whole day. You *will* need to be present to sign for the boat, tell the company/driver where to put it, and give a hand unloading it from the truck/trailer. For larger boats, we might send you a note suggesting that you recruit the help of a friend or neighbor (who can then be endlessly jealous of you and your new boat). This is a little more hands on than just the UPS guy dropping a box, so, we want you involved a bit to make sure the final part of the delivery goes exactly as you want.

Q: When do you charge my card for a boat order?

A: For in-stock boats that will ship within the month - we charge in full when the order comes through. For boats with longer lead times, we'll charge a deposit first and then the balance when the boats ships to you.

Q: What’s your warehouse like? Do you have these boats in stock, or just doing that drop shipping thing I hear about on the internet?

A: West Coast Sailing headquarters consists of an 8,000 square foot warehouse and a large storage yard. The warehouse contains offices, a showroom, boat preparation areas, and mail order fulfillment facilities. We keep about 50 sailboats inside on racks. Outside, we've got our van, trailers, pool (seriously!), tents with boats in them and eight 40' ocean containers to house our small boat inventory. It’s a bustling atmosphere, especially in the spring and summer, and we love it. :)

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: We do. There are a couple options we have for you depending on what you need. Just reach out to our boats team for more information - don't be shy, we are happy to set this up.

Q: Does the boat come complete?

A: It’s a fair question, and we get it a lot. So, to be clear - you are going to get a complete boat that will be ready to put together and go sailing. There *are* some additional accessories that you might consider to make life easier. These are listed on the boat pages, with additional costs. But, if you just bought the boat item on the site, you WILL have what you need to go sailing on it! Sails, masts, lines, hardware - it’s a complete boat to get you on the water.

Q: What extras should I consider?

A: You're getting a complete boat, so the question is what you'll want to get with it. It's worth considering things like covers, gear bags, and maybe a launching dolly or trailer even. This all depends on the type of boat and how you're going to use it, store it, and transport it. Feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like some advice.

Q: What documentation do I get with the boat?

A: When you purchase a new boat, we'll send you a MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin), the document you would take to a registering authority to prove you are the first owner. The exception is small craft like Optis and kayaks, which don't need this documentation. We aren't the entity that issues boat titles, but with our commercial invoice and the MSO, that's all you'll need!

Q: Do I need to register my boat?

A: You'll have everything you need if your state requires it - but you might not need to register it at all. The best bet is to check your local laws.

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