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Hobie Tandem Island Questions

Q: Is this boat as stable as it looks?

A: Totally. In fact, it's easily the most stable boat we sell. It's just an amazingly docile platform

Q: I saw the spinnaker option, is that a bit much to add?

A: The spinnaker kit for the AI/TI is actually really well done. While most customers don't buy their boats with it, it's a really cool retrofit kit. We're big fans, as it adds a lot more sailing ability to the AI/TI

Q: Ok, but the trampolines, I gotta get those right?

A: Oh yeah. They cut down on spray, add a ton more room for passengers (human or furry), and room for stuff. Totally a must have accessory.

Q: Can you singlehand?

A: All day long. All of the controls (except for the furling line) are led to both seats. So, you can basically singlehand it from either position. We tend to recommend you sail it from the front seat, but, it's not a huge deal if you wanted to do it from the back.

Q: Which dolly do I use?

A: There were small dollies that used to go with the boats, but as of 2018, Hobie only recommends one type:

Q: Highway trailer options are....?

A: We got the perfect one:

Q: How fast is it?

A: Our kayaks team is working on a 'speed test' video for the AI/TI so you can see. But, in general, it's plenty fast enough for most customers. You're low to the water, and the sense of speed is good. We say, the 'effort to speed' ratio is off the charts - especially with the Mirage Drive system. Just easy easy forward and backward motion in the AI/TI