Hobie Getaway Sailboat Questions

Q: Is this the most comfortable boat ever?

A: Yes

Q: Seriously?

A: Really. It's one of the most comfortable, stable, easy to use platforms ever. Yes, it's a little bit big and not for every situation, but, it's just one of the 'cruisiest', relaxed and comfortable boats for time on the water.

Q: Do I get the wings?

A: Absolutely get these, we never sell a boat without one. It's an automatic accessory for the Getaway, everytime.

Q: Is the black forward trampoline standard?

A: Included and standard :)

Q: Can I singlehand?

A: Easily. You'll need a hand putting the mast up and down, but, once that is done, the Getaway is as easily sailed by 6 as it is 1.

Q: Trailer options?

A: We have a custom galvanized trailer that fits the Getaway perfectly.

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