Hobie Cat Serial Number & Hull Number Identification

Serial numbers are hand-engraved using a vibration tool. To find your boat’s serial number:

  • On kayaks, serial numbers are located near the rear of the boat, on the underside on most models.
  • On sailboats, serial numbers are located near the rudder attachment point.

Newer boats have a rectangular, raised ridge around the serial number to make it easier to find. Rubbing a small amount of graphite or soil into the serial number engraving may make it easier to read. Each serial number follows one of the following patterns:

  • CCMB1234A708
  • US-CCMB1234A708

Broken into its component parts (US- | CCM | B1234 | A | 7 | 08) , a boat serial number conveys the following information:

  • US- or FR- or CN-: Country of origin of the boat (Hobie boats are made in the United States, France, and China). The country of origin may not appear on older boats.
  • CCM or HCC or HCE: Indicates the manufacturing company. CCM and HCC indicate boats manufactured by Hobie Cat Company (USA). HCE indicates boats manufactured by Hobie Cat Europe.
  • B1234: Indicates the model and sequential serial number. In most cases, the model is indicated with a single letter, but sometimes two letters are used.
  • A: Month of manufacture – A (January) through L (December).
  • 7: Last digit of the year of manufacture.
  • 08: Last two digits of the model year.

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