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CFJ Flying Junior Sailboat Questions

Q: Wait, this is th 50+ year old boat design??? It's still used?

A: Sadly, yes. We actually have a personal soft spot for the boat, since we all learned and raced on these on the west coast. It's better than a 420 for sure, but, also very outdated, very slow, doesn't fit larger sailors and teaches old techniques for sailing. It's used a lot for yacht club junior racing, so, it won't die, so we have to support it.

Q: There are a few manufacturers, which one is the best?

A: Similar to the C420 - Zim is the most popular by a significant margin. LaserPerformance has been making a FJ, but due to supply issues, we haven't seen any in many years. WhiteCaps also makes their own version of a CFJ.

Q: Is it a good family boat?

A: Not if you want to have your family enjoy sailing together. Pick almost any other boat that is more roomy, more stable and more comfortable.