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RS Venture Connect Rigging Videos and Resources

Posted by Philip Krug (Staff) on Apr 1st 2019

Sailing is an amazingly liberating experience. The award-winning RS Venture Connect SCS makes it possible for almost anyone – and that means a lot to us. Many boats have been modified for para sailing. We like to think the RS Venture Connect SCS brings a new level of designed-in, engineered adaptability with simple, plug and play options including sip/puff electronic control to configure the boat for most disabilities – and change it between sessions to suit different requirements. This versatility encourages more organizations to develop para sailing programs – it’s more cost and time efficient for existing programs – and gives an unbeatable experience to a whole lot of sailors.

We are pleased to share some new resources to help grow the understanding of these amazing boats. 

RS Venture Connect Rigging Guide

A new rigging guide from RS Sailing:  RS Venture Connect Rigging Guide (Opens in new tab)

RS Venture Connect Rigging Videos

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