West Coast Sailing is a long time supporter of ILCA / Laser sailing in the Pacific Northwest and proud sponsor of the ILCA District 22 Grand Prix! This year's series wrapped up at the 2022 Turkey Bowl Regatta, hosted by CYC in Seattle. Read on for a report from Mark Ross at District 2022.


The 2022 ILCA DISTRICT 22 GRAND PRIX this year was a six regatta series which kicked-off in April at the CYC Puget Sound Spring Regatta and concluded at the CYC Turkey Bowl a few weeks ago. Sponsored by West Coast Sailing, the District 22 Grand Prix is structured to reward ILCA members who participate in multiple ILCA regattas throughout the District (WA, OR, ID, MT). Winners were based on a high point scoring system, accumulating points from finishes in all eligible regattas. My thanks to Dave Jursik and CGRA for managing the registration and scoring at

This year, the regattas included in the series were the CYC Seattle PSSR, Vancouver Lake Sailing Club’s DeBenedetti, CGRA Wind, CGRA CGOD, Sail Sand Point Octoberfest, and the CYC Seattle Turkey Bowl. We appreciate and thank all the clubs who hosted these regattas. 

Top Finishers in the ILCA 6
1st Place: Kaitlyn Beaver (SYC/SSP)
2nd Place: Hannah Beaver (SYC/SSP)

Top Finishers in the ILCA 7
1st Place: Mark Ross (SLF/CYC)
2nd Place: John Hodges (MilwaukeeYC)
3rd Place: John Manix (VLSC)

Top finishers received awards from West Coast Sailing, including high performance ILCA spliced control lines and blocks from their Rigging Shop or a Rooster tiller extension. Each top finisher was also presented a glass cube trophy. West Coast Sailing sponsorship is very generous and very much appreciated.


Kaitlyn Beaver and Hannah Beaver receive awards for 2022 ILCA 6 District 2 Grand Prix


2022 ILCA 7 Grand Prix series winners included Mark Ross (3rd from left), John Manix (2nd from right) and John Hodges (far right). Also included in the picture are Turkey Bowl Regatta competitors Rob Hodson, Jim Santroch and Dave Jursik.

Dec 7th 2022 Philip Krug (Staff)

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