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The ultimate skiff for youth sailors, the 29er is used worldwide for one design racing and getting kids into high performance sailing.

The high performance boat everyone thinks of when talking about moving youth sailing forward. The legendary 29er is a double-handed performance skiff for youth training and racing. Designed by Julian Bethwaite (Olympic 49er designer), the 29er provides a stable, user-friendly pathway into the thrill and techniques of skiff sailing. An asymmetric spinnaker, mylar main, jib, and trapeze provide speed without sacrificing control in breezy conditions. Used worldwide for youth one design racing, the 29er has an active class association working to get more kids into higher performance sailing.

  • Fiberglass construction with a unique foam sandwich to create a lightweight yet strong hull
  • Self-draining cockpit
  • Non-skid on the wings for grip
  • Sand blasted deck for greater grip while tacking
  • Molded-in safety cockpit rails for skipper
  • Gnav system to open up cockpit and better control leech tension
  • A single line hoists the spinnaker, sets the pole, and retrieves both
  • Centerboard and rudder are both high-quality GRP construction
  • Centerboard case padded top and bottom to max allowable width to reduce the blade from fluttering
  • Sails made from long-lasting, reinforced mylar ensuring that they will not tear when a crew member falls on them in a capsize
  • Self-tacking jib
  • Asymmetric spinnaker included
  • Composite-tipped mast gives the ultimate in gust response and acceleration

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  • Weight - 74kg
  • Length - 4.45m
  • Width - 1.77m
  • Mast length - 6.25m
  • Main & Jib Area - 12.5sqm
  • Spinnaker Area - 15sqm
  • Designer - Julian Bethwaite, 1998
  • Hull - FRP with foam sandwich laminate
  • Mast - Composite top section with aluminium alloy lower sections
  • Sails - Fully battened mainsail and jib made out of Mylar film by MacDiarmid Sails. Tri-radial asymmetric spinnaker


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