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SEA Winter Waist Lock Hikers

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The SEA Winter Waist Locks are the best option for cold weather conditions. All the comforts of a hiking pant with the warmth of a very warm wetsuit. A four layer ultra warm neoprene with a water resistant outer layer, a super stretch neoprene layer, and a reflective metalite material for maximum warmth. An inner layer provides irritation free comfort next to your skin.

The SEA HP007 is your best choice for colder conditions. If a little extra support would make hiking more comfortable then these are the hikers to choose. The elasticized back has a wide covering band which can be pulled in from both sides and Velcro locked to give support. You can quickly adjust to suit the level of support you want and to customize the fit and feel around the waist and back. This is a positive locking system so no braces required and allows maximum upper body movement. This is a fixed batten suit.

  • Ultra Warm Super Stretch Neoprene.
  • Water repellent outer skin.
  • Metalite reflective core.
  • Thermospan inner layer.
  • Full leg pants.
  • Velcro waist lock.
  • Elastic back support.
  • Non-Flex fiberglass battens.
  • 6mm seamless small diamond seat.
  • V style leg design.
  • Tatex knee pads.