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SEA Thermoskin Plush Long Pants

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The SEA ThermoSkin Fleece Pant is a soft and snug fitting base or thermal layer pant. Perfect as a stand alone pant on calm days, or under spray gear or hiking pants as a thermal layer. The spandex and polypro material wicks moisture away yet still feel great against the skin. Pair with the SEA Thermoskin top for the complete kit.

Sea Thermo Skin Plush Pants are made from a combination of spandex and polypropylene which is a perfect layering material. This is a hydrophobic fabric keeping the skin warm and dry. This is an ideal pair of pants as a base layer for a dry suit or under any of the Sea sailing pants. Partner these pants with the Sea-LP015 Thermo Skin Plush Long Sleeve Top. These pants are not only suitable for sailors but as an under garment for fishermen, kayakers, canoeists, hikers, bush walkers, farmers or anyone spending time in the outdoors when the weather is cold.

  • Superior comfort.
  • Quick drying.
  • Water repellent fabric.
  • lightweight.
  • 50+ UV protection.
  • Soft stretchy fit for freedom of movement.