RS Quest Line Guide

Line Guide For RS Quest

Line guide for the RS Quest sailboat with recommended options. 

Description Length Diameter Line Type Quantity Recommended Line Options
Main Halyard 40 ft 4mm  Halyard 1 4mm Robline Dinghy Control
Jib Halyard 27 ft  4mm  Halyard  4mm Robline Dinghy Control
Spinnaker Halyard 47 ft  4mm  Halyard  4mm Alpha SSR
Mainsheet 23 ft  8mm Sheet  8mm Robline Dinghy Sheet XL
Jib Sheet 17 ft  7mm  Sheet   7mm Robline Dinghy Sheet XL
Spinnaker Sheet  32 ft  8mm  Sheet   8mm Samson Ultra-Lite
Cunningham 5 ft  5mm  Control Line 5mm Dinghy Control
Outhaul 3 ft  5mm  Control Line  5mm Robline Sirius 500
Reefing line 14 ft  6mm  Control Line  6mm Alpha SSR
Centerboard Case Elastic Strop 1 ft  5mm  Misc.  5mm Shockcord
Centerboard Case Rope Strop 1 ft  4mm  Misc  4mm Robline Sirius 500
Centreboard Handle 2 ft  7mm  Misc  7mm Robline Dinghy Sheet XL
Mainsheet Strop 5 ft  5mm  Misc  5mm Dinghy Control
Spinnaker Mast Elastic 12 ft  3mm  Misc  3mm Shockcord
Spinnaker Sock Elastic Tie 1 ft  3mm  Misc  3mm Shockcord
Symmetric Spinnaker Twinning line 10 ft  5mm  Misc.  5mm Dinghy Control
Tow Strops 2 ft  5mm  Misc  5mm Robline Sirius 


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