Vago Sailboat Questions

Q: What are the two sail sizes?

A: The Vago has a larger Mylar sail plan for experienced sailors, or heavier teams. There is also a smaller sail set, made of Dacron material, that is less intimidating for beginners and lighter teams

Q: Can you singlehand it?

A: The Vago *can* be singlehanded, but, in general, you'll be quite busy. We tell people if you have experience in a boat like this, with main, jib and spinnaker - and you match the right sails to the right wind conditions and your own weight - yes, it can be done. We also try to caution people that it's not the best boat to do this for the first time on. If you are learning to sail, and new to boats with a bit more performance, we won't recommend singlehanding it right away.

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