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Sunfish Sailboat Questions

Q: Sunfish are still made huh?

A: Yes. Not nearly in the quantity that they used to, but they are still manufactured and sold.

Q: What changes have their been with the boat over the years?

A: The Sunfish is still pretty similar to how it's always been. There were some rudder and traveller upgrades, some changes to the hull/deck build and a few small hardware upgrades. But, overall the boat is very very similar to the first one made 50+ years ago.

Q: Are the blades wood still?

A: Not anymore, all of the Sunfish we bring in have the new and modern Fiberglass Rudder and Daggerboard.

Q: What is the best trailer?

A: Two options here: If you have the a Seitech or Dynamic Dolly, you can use the Right On Trailer. https://westcoastsailing.net/right-on-laser-and-sunfish-trailer/. If you are looking for a lighter trailer, where you don't need to have a dolly to launch your Sunfish, consider the Trailex Sunfish Trailer: https://westcoastsailing.net/sunfish-trailer-trailex-sut-220/

Q: Where are Sunfish made?

A: At the moment, they are mainly made in China. There is some production that happens in the UK, but most of the hulls are made in Asia.