RS Neo Sailboat Questions

Q: I have an old Laser, is this the boat I should be looking at instead?

A: You figured it out - exactly. This is that boat... plastic, modern, way more durable, easier to own, zero maintenance with room for a second person most of the time.

Q: It has a carbon fiber mast and boom??? No way.

A: Yes way! Tech from RS race boats has worked it's way down to all sailboat models including the RS Neo.

Q: Can I take a second person?

A: Two 6’, 180 pound adult dudes aren't going to fit, but, two kids.. easily. A mother or father with a child? No problem. The Neo cockpit is fairly accommodating for various size people and generally will fit a second.

Q: Will it go as fast as I remember sailing as a kid?

A: We added this question as a lot of our customers recall sailing decades ago, they remember the thrills and spills of going fast, capsizing, and all that. One of the things we do is remind people that, as adults now considering boat purchases, some of those memorable experiences might not be as fun today as they were 20-30 years ago. So, boats like the Neo end up being a great boat to get back on the water and yes, go fast, but perhaps not push it as hard as people remember in the past. And honestly, it’s our experience this leads to really great times to continue in current times.

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