RS Cat 16 Sailboat Questions

Q: How does this compare to a Hobie 16?

A: They are actually very different. The Hobie 16 is a fiberglass boat with a main and jib. The Cat 16 is a plastic cat with mast, jib and spinnaker. Both boats are quite durable - the Hobie 16 has a worldwide racing fleet, and the Cat 16 is a lot more modern and accessible for training and family fun.

Q: How about the Hobie Getaway?

A: These boats look similar on paper, but, again, rather different. The Getaway is all about family fun and lazy days on the water. It’s one of the most docile and forgiving catamarans sold. The Cat 16 again is much more of a hybrid between a fun beach cat, and a high performance racing cat. It’s in that spot between - the Getaway is super simple, non trapezing joy ride.. the Cat 16 has much more adjustment and tweaking available to go faster.

Q: Can I sail this Cat right onto the beach?

A: Absolutely. No daggerboards to mess with there isn't anything you can hurt on the boat.

Q: Do I need the spinnaker?

A: No... but, it’s one of the things that really separates the boat from other beach catamarans. You might not be ready for the spinnaker at first, but getting it ensures you can expand your sailing skills as time goes on. Highly recommend.

Q: What about a trailer?

A: Yes, we can help with that. Just ask and we can adjust our catamaran trailers to work with the Cat 14

Q: What is the deal with the hull and beam setup?

A: We're glad you asked! The RS Cats feature a very innovative and strong design, where the aluminum cross bars are essentially through bolted to the hull. This provides an amazingly strong and rigid hull structure compared to the previous way this had been done.

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