Hobie Wave Sailboat Questions

Q: What's the difference between the Club and Classic??

A: The boats are the same except for the trampoline options. The Classic has a one piece trampoline with 4x cup holders (this is our most popular model, by 5:1). The Wave Club has 3 piece trampoline that laces together and has no cup holders.

Q: I've seen photos of the Wave with a Jit Kit, what do you think?

A: We sell a lot of Waves with the Jib Kit - as a general rule, the Wave is a bit underpowered - so the jib adds a bit of extra performance. More than that, most people sail their Wave with friends and others, so, the jib keeps the crew busy :)

Q: Backrests?

A: These are awesome... but most customers don't get 'em. It’s a permanent installation, which sometimes scares people off. We really like these, but honestly don't sell a lot of them.

Q: Does the Wave offer reefing or furling options?

A: It does not. We've found it not super needed in most conditions - the Wave is pretty docile in everything except for a full on gale.

Q: Trailer options, what's best?

A: We've got galvanized trailers purpose built for the Wave. Easy.

Q: Can it fly a hull?

A: We get this one a lot. Yes, in can, but not exactly in the sense most people think. The windward hull will lift and fall and kiss the water a bit, but unless you're trying to show off, it’s won't be raised out of the water fully like the racing catamarans.

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