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Hobie 16 Sailboat Questions

Q: Is this the Hobie Cat I've always seen and heard about it?

A: That's correct. The Hobie 16 is easily the most iconic catamaran ever designed. It's still built to this day.

Q: Is the Hobie 16 still being sailed and raced?

A: Correct! Most of our customers get this boat specifically for racing - and there are 16 events all over the World every single weekend.

Q: What trailer options are available for the Hobie 16?

A: We have a custom galvanized trailer that fits the 16 perfectly - Carnai Hobie 16/Getaway Trailer

Q: I think I sailed one of these 20-30 years ago.. Is it going to be as fun as I remember?

A: The Hobie 16 is still a barrel of fun - no doubt. That said.... we advise a lot of customers that ask this question that - if the goal is just to go out and have fun on a catamaran - there are some more comfortable and easier to sail choices these days. If you want to race and participate in an amazing community - there is a reason we stock and sell new Hobie 16s. We just want our customers to get the right boat. So, feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the right catamaran.

Q: Do you offer Hobie 16 parts and accessories?

A: West Coast Sailing is one of North Americas leading suppliers of Hobie Cat parts and accessories, with thousands of items in stock. Shop Hobie 16 Parts

Q: How heavy is the Hobie 16?

A: A fully rigged Hobie 16 weighs about 325 pounds.