The fast and fun RS Feva, a modern youth doublehanded boat from RS Sailing, has taken the West Coast by storm this summer with new fleets developing from Seattle to San San Diego. St. Francis Yacht Club took delivery of a new fleet earlier this year and have incorporated them as part of their Advanced Training Sessions. The RS Feva has excelled in the typical breezing Bay conditions and sailors are loving them! 

Due to Covid-19 related considerations, St. Francis Yacht Club needed to rework some of it's summer sailing programs. The RS Feva provided a great platform for conducting their multi-week Advanced Training Sessions. Extensive protocols are in place to keep sailors and coaches safe. We're excited to not only see an increase in Feva sailing in the Bay Area, but the hard work and creative thinking on the part of program directors and coaches to get sailors on the water this summer. St. Francis Yacht Club joins a number of programs up and down the West Coast that have adopted the RS Feva as part of their programming and we're excited to support continued growth for the class.

If you are a coach, program director, or parent looking to find out more about the RS Feva and it's role as a youth training platform, please contact our team today! 


Photos provided by S/C Kimball Livingston, Junior Sailing Committee, St. Francis Yacht Club

Aug 20th 2020 Philip Krug (Staff)

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