The Melges Team spoke to our very own Jake Sorosky to get his thoughts on the Melges 15 and to share our plans for the 2021 season.

MPS: There have been more than one hundred Melges 15s sold since its launch in May 2020. Why do you think this is a good boat to bring to the west coast?

JS: The M15 is a very unique new boat with the perfect blend of simplicity, approachability, and fun! We have seen a greater interest in doublehanded boats for families, and couples who just want to have a simple boat for going out and enjoying a day on the water. Preferably with the option to go fast as well! We think the Melges 15 is a fantastic boat for the West Coast hotbeds of sailing - San Francisco, San Diego, LA, Seattle, and, our own backyard, the Columbia River Gorge.

MPS: What attracted West Coast Sailing to the M15?

JS: Sailing in the US has really yearned for an accessible, double-handed, one design boat that is approachable for new sailors but retains the fun factor for advanced sailors. There are many great double handers out there, yet they seem to swing too far to the advanced or beginner side of the spectrum. The M15 is an easy-to-use package with asymmetrical spinnaker and no trapeze is a great way to get all ages and skill levels stoked on going fast in small boats and providing opportunities to grow your skills to very high levels. It’s truly a boat that is all smiles and no hesitations.

MPS: What are your plans for the 2021 season?

JS: We hope to get the M15 out on tour in Seattle and the Gorge this summer quite a bit. We’re also looking at some plans to attend some pending events in California as well. We look forward to adding and sponsoring events which bring sailors together for some good old-fashioned, beach-launching fun! So, grab your friend, partner, or one of the kids and come give the M15 a go!

Do you have more questions about the Melges 15?

Reach out to Jake at

Jan 28th 2021 Philip Krug (Staff)

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