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Since the 1950s, there has been no better way to play on the water than in a Sunfish. Find out why we're the go to source for dinghy sailing parts and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders. Our staff of Sunfish and dinghy sailing experts is on hand to answer questions about rigging a Sunfish and provide tips. Let us help you get ready to own the water in your Sunfish!

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**Product Availability - Please Read**

Due to changes in the supply chain for new Sunfish and related parts, many one design Sunfish components are currently unavailable. Products we have in stock or are able to source will be listed on this page. Other products that are unavailable may be listed elsewhere on our website for reference. Our team is working hard to find new sources for Sunfish parts and will add those to our catalog as they become available. While our selection may be limited compared to previous seasons, we remain committed to serving Sunfish sailors and will continue to offer as many of the parts, rigging, sails, and accessories you need to keep your Sunfish at its best.

Sunfish Sails & Sail Rings
Sunfish sails are recognized all over the world for their bright, fun colors. We stock an extensive selection of popular recreational sails in a variety of colorways plus the classic white racing sail for the hardcore Sunfish racing sailor. Don't forget to replace your sail rings when upgrading to a new sail, and add a set of tell tails for maximizing performance. 

Sunfish Hull & Deck Parts
West Coast Sailing is your source for hull and deck fittings for your Sunfish sailboat. Check out our selection of bailers, drain plugs, hiking straps, inspection ports, bridles, gudgeons, bow handles, and more.

Sunfish Covers
Protect your Sunfish with a proper Sunfish cover, blade bag, or spar bag. Our covers are waterproof and resist both mildew and UV. They fit snuggly on your boat to provide max protection. Use a blade bag to protect your rudder, tiller, and centerboard, or pick up a spar bag to safely store and transport your mast and booms.

Sunfish Sailboat Lines & Line Kits
Sunfish sail boat ropes and lines including mainsheets, sunfish halyards, outhaul lines, sunfish bridles and more.

Sunfish Rudder & Tiller Parts
Keep your Sunfish heading the right direction with our selection of Sunfish rudder, tiller, and centerboard replacements and spare parts. We stock sunfish rudder parts, sunfish tillers and tiller extensions, centerboards, sunfish rudder pins and spring posts, pivot bolts, and more.

Sunfish Dollies & Trailers
Keep things easy on shore with a Sunfish beach dolly or trailer. We stock dollies and trailers from Dynamic Dollies and Racks, Right-On, and Trailex, all designed specifically for your Sunfish! Sunfish dollies ship via our standard free ground shipping and are easy to assemble. Trailers can be shipping anywhere in the US or picked up fully assembled from our warehouse here in Portland, Oregon.

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