Sailboat Inspection & Maintenance Schedule


  • Rig out and full inspection

    • Big boat-rig up inspection annually and rig out every other year

  • Hull, foils, and painted surfaces - cleaner and sealer wax

  • Winch and high load gear service

  • Turnbuckles- dismantle, clean and grease

    • Remember to measure your settings before you undo them


Beginning and end of season (can be timed with your annual service)

  • Rigging inspection – running rigging

    • Test operation of everything you use

    • Check bearings

    • Check cleat operation

    • Check attachment points

  • Tape rings and pins

  • Tighten shackles

  • Engine service (if you have one)

  • Polish metal surfaces


Every use

  • Quick visual inspection

    • Check your tape, splices, knots

  • Quick operational inspection

    • Lines lead clean

    • Hardware is functional

  • Rinse/quick wash

    • Definitely after.  If first day, rinse when you arrive



1.  Develop and use a maintenance log.  Sometimes it can be helpful to separate out certain categories such as: Mast, running rigging, hull and engine, sails.

2.  Keep a list of part numbers for easy reference.

3.  If you notice something needs more work, move it to the next frequency of the schedule.

4.  Enlist the help of a professional to review your list and catch things you may not have thought of.


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