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Spinlock Performance Tether Loop w/ 2 Clip (2m)

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Typically Ships in 7-10 Days from Portland, OR

This stretchable safety tether has a loop at one end which you attach to your harness via a girth hitch (cow hitch), a short (1 m) leg with a custom carabiner safety clip for attaching to an anchor point or jack line on the boat, and a long (2 m) stretchable second leg with a second custom carabiner safety clip. Extended length of the stretchable leg is 6-1/2 ft (2 meters). The two leg design allows you to always maintain one point of attachment for increased safety. By wearing the easily stowed Spinlock Safety Line Cutter, any safety line tether will satisfy ISAF and ORC recommendations by providing a means of disconnection under load.

  • Ideal for use with the Spinlock Deckvest or with any other conventional safety harness.
  • Approved standard lengths.
  • Easy to use lightweight clip with wide opening gate, one-handed operation, double action carabiner clips.
  • Up to 50% lighter and more compact than conventional safety lines.
  • Dry-coated to reduce water absorption.
  • Full strength compact line.
  • Overload indicator.
  • Yachting Australia Approved.
  • World Sailing / OSR compliant.