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SEA Clew Strap

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The SEA clew tie down is made from Spectra webbing, velcro and a stainless steel 'D' fitting. The strap holds the clew of the sail tightly against the boom. It is easily attached and slides nicely along the boom for smooth adjustment of the outhaul.

  • Extra slick material to slide well
  • Durable fabric construction

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  • 5
    Best clew strap on the market

    This clew strap made of spectra is really strong, and you can strap the sail to the boom nice and tight. The strap also slides along the boom with ease, you really won't need to use Mclube if you've got this strap and a bungee retrieval system on the outhaul. This strap is by far the most preferred by Laser sailors, with the Rooster strap being a good option as well.

    - Hendrik

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