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Rooster Pro Hikers 4/3mm (No Pads)

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Rooster Sailing full length 4/3mm hiking pant with ProHike pad attachment capability on inside. The Pro Hikers (No pads) are an advancement on the previous version of the Pro Hikers with extended durability and performance. They use Duratex II at the seat part and knees/shin for extra protection and resilience required for top level performance. The ProHike pads can be selected to fit your hiking style and attached/positioned at the inside, creating extreme hiking aid and maximum lift. The Hikers can also be worn without pads on light wind days or in skiff boats. The knees/shin also feature additional padding for added protection against knocks around the boat. The pre-bend in the knee/leg supports hiking positions, and there is a soft elastic binding at the ankle to fit comfortably into the hiking boot. The hikers have been developed with different materials throughout the panels to create comfort and hiking performance.

NOTE ON FIT: These hikers are designed to feel really tight when you first put them on so that they will support the pads securely. They will give a bit once wet. We have also updated the fit at the waist by lowering it slightly and adding more shaping to the front panel as well as improving the stretch along the top of the waistband, all to improve comfort.

* THESE HIKERS DO NOT INCLUDE PADS - Purchase Rooster Hiking Pads separately

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • High fit waist
  • Material differentiation throughout to aid in hiking performance
  • High stretch elastic binding at waist
  • Raw edge smooth finish at ankles for comfort with boots
  • Internal ProHike™ pad attachment capability
  • Super stretch behind knees for comfort when sailing downwind
  • Duratex II wear resistant knees with additional 5mm padding
  • Duratex II seat panel
  • ProHike Pad Compatible
  • Suitable for use with Race Armour Lite Shorts

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