Sail Numbers

Display your sail number on your sail with adhesive-backed sail numbers. These insignia numbers are made from a sticky back dacron material and do not add any significant weight to the sail. We carry pre-cut style "Euro" numbers and the traditional 'Digital 8' style numbers, which can be cut to any specific number, in a variety of number heights and colors. For Laser sails, select the 12 inch numbers in either Digital 8 or Euro style. We also stock Hobie Cat specific numbers for boats like the Hobie 16, Hobie 17, and Hobie 17 plus Tasar class specific red numbers.

Digital 8 - These are universal numbers in the shape of the digit '8' from which you can cut any specific number you need. 

Pre Cut / Euro - Unlike Digital 8 numbers, 'Euro' style or 'Pre Cut' numbers are cut to specific numbers or letters for a clean finish. These are preferred by many sailors as they have a higher quality look on the sail.


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