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Simple design, simple rigging and still with racing events worldwide. The Laser is the boat that started modern singlehanded racing 45 years ago when it came out.


The most popular singlehanded race boat in the world. With over 210,000 made, the Laser is enjoyed by everyone from club racers to Olympians. A simple boat to rig and own, the Laser rewards practice and good sailing technique, keeping even the most seasoned racer engaged. Current Lasers are built to the highest specifications with updated foils and sail controls. A three rig system allows the Laser to be enjoyed by sailors of any size and skill.

    • Includes the upgraded Vang, Cunningham and Outhaul controls.
    • The world's most popular one-design racing class.
    • Full worldwide fleets and support.
    • Sail numbers now 210,000+.


    • Capacity: 1-2 people
    • Length: 13.8 ft/ 4.21 m
    • Beam: 4.49 ft / 1.37 m
    • Draft: 2.62 ft / 0.8 m
    • Sail Area: 75.99 sq ft / 7.06 sq m
    • Race Level: Club - International
    • Skill Level: Beginner - Expert


What’s the difference in the three different sail sizes?

There are three different sail sizes available on Lasers. The largest one is the Full Rig (also sometimes called Standard Rig), which is 76sq feet. The next size down is the Radial Rig, at 62sq ft. The smallest size sail is the 4.7 Rig at ~49sf ft. The different sail sizes roughly correspond to the weight of the sailor - but can also be used to compensate for different wind conditions. The target weight range for the full rig is very roughly 165-185 pounds. A Radial is 130-155lbs, an the 4.7 is 105-125lbs. In how the Rigs are used - remember the Laser has three total spar pieces. The mast is two pieces (top and bottom section) and the boom. The only component that changes between all three of the Rigs, is the corresponding lower mast sections (and sail obviously). The boom is the same for all three, as is the top section - those never change. The Full Rig uses a that same boom and top section, with a full rig lower mast. The Radial sail is used in conjunction with a Radial Lower Section and the same boom and top section as the others. And finally, the 4.7 Rig is used in conjunction with a 4.7 lower mast section, but still uses the same boom and top section as all the other rigs.

Read Our Laser FAQs

Can you tell me a bit more about how ordering a boat works?

We can walk you through the process from start to finish. Below read our most Frequently Asked Questions that will answer a lot of your questions.

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I've read all about your boats, but I still have questions... can you answer those?

Happily. And we feel you, it's not always easy to get all the information from a single webpage. We've prepared some FAQs to take the mystery out of researching our boats.

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Boat Delivery is going to be expensive, isn't it?

Despite their size, we are able to ship most boats around North America safely and inexpensively. While boats don't qualify for free shipping, we do subsidize the cost for each customer to keep it reasonable. To see your exact cost, add a boat to your cart and it will show an exact flat rate cost as you checkout. Typically, small boats ship for $300-$600, medium sized boats ship for $400-$800, and larger boats, such as the RS Venture or RS21, ship for $700-$1200.

Why West Coast Sailing

We represent a dozen sailboat brands from all around the world. Our dinghy sailboat inventory is second to none, with at least 100 boats in stock in our warehouse at any time. Our staff has extensive experience sailing, racing, rigging, coaching and delivering boats worldwide. This is what we do:

    • Selection – 70+ models of boats from manufacturers around the world.
    • Service – Our staff is focused on helping you Own The Water.
    • Experience – The team here has decades of experience on all types of dinghies.
    • Inventory – Over $1million of boats and parts inventory in stock at all times.
    • Logistics – We have experience shipping boats all over the world, at reasonable rates, quickly.
    • Rigging – We rig most boats by hand, and stand behind our work.
    • Long Term Support – We are a leader in our industry, and we didn't get here by cutting corners. We have your back.
    • Apparel and Accessories – We have the apparel, accessories, trailers and dollies to go with each boat.

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