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Weta Sailboat Questions

Q: I've seen this boat before, and they've sold like 1200 so far..... who owns and sails Wetas?

A: The Weta family is diverse, but it's also familiar. Lots of ex catamaran sailors, or folks from larger multi-hull backgrounds. Lots of smart people who want a well designed and thoughtful boat to go fast and enjoy for years.

Q: Ok, so I used to be a catamaran sailor, and like going fast, this doesn't have trapezes though??

A: None needed, really. The trimaran design and sailplan makes the Weta very fast without the need for traps.

Q: How wet, really?

A: From 0-14kts of breeze... not very wet. When you get into 15+ kts of wind... the Weta does throw some pretty good spray. Most customers love it 'The Weta the Better...' but the first time you go out in breeze, you'll get a little wet :)

Q: What is a Weta?

A: A gross New Zealand bug, we don't know what they picked that name.

Q: What does a Weta trailer look like?

A: We have designed a custom flatbed trailer, with ramps and a forward attachment point for the Weta. You can see it in action here:

Q: Stepping the mast, is that tough?

A: The mast is all carbon, and very very light. It's easiest to have a second person to affix the forestay, but, if that is not practical, there is a hinged maststep you can order to make it very simple. Just ask us if you have questions here.