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RS Feva Sailboat Questions

Q: The Feva was designed for kids, wasn't it?

A: That was the initial design brief, and remains one of the most popular uses of the boat in Europe and North America. That being said, we have a lot of adult customers who sail the boat singlehanded, or with their kids. It's a great all around boat, including for 'adventure sailing', teaching modern sailing theory with an asymmetrical spinnaker.

Q: So, I can singlehand it? With all three sails?

A: Absolutely. It will take you a few sessions to get comfortable with it, but it's an amazing feeling

Q: Is this the boat US Sailing purchased an gifted to community sailing programs to build up sailing?

A: Correct. You can read more about the initiative here:

Q: How many Fevas are in the US?

A: Hard to know exactly, but as of 2019, we estimated just under 1000, with a lot more on order.

Q: Tell me about the two sail sizes?

A: The 'XL' Feva is the most popular by far. It's got mylar sails with a 6.5meter mainsail and includes the spinnaker. The 'S' Feva sails are dacron, with the spinnaker being optional, and the mainsail being 5.5meters and reefable. The S is used for very young sailors and total beginners. The XL is generally for everyone else.

Q: What about a cleating mainsheet cleat?

A: Yup, that's an option and nice if you are singlehanding

Q: Can I sail it without the jib?

A: You can, we but don't encourage it. It's not a huge jib, so we prefer people get comfortable with sailing the boat with the main and jib at least, in all but the windiest conditions. The jib helps balance out the feel of the boat too, and is strongly encouraged to be used at all times.