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Wichard ProLine'R Tether 1 Shackle/1 Snap Hook (2m)

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Typically Ships in 7-10 Days from Portland, OR

Wichard's range of two ProLine'R Releasable Safety Tethers both feature a harness attachment which is a quick-opening, snap shackle designed so it can be released under load in emergency situations. Additionally, ProLine'R tethers have all the features of the ProLine range including the use of wide-opening, auto-locking ProSnap safety snap hooks, overload indicator with built-in shock absorber, lightweight construction and replaceable webbing.

The harness attachment point of this #7061 Proline'R Safety Tether is equipped with a forged stainless steel, quick-opening, snap shackle designed so it can be released under load in emergency situations -- man overboard, capsizing, etc. -- but will not open accidentally. Connected by 2 meters of elastic webbing, the other end has a ProSnap safety hook for attaching to an anchor point or jack line on the boat. The elastic, retractable, tether is a Wichard innovation. It provides great freedom of movement as it retracts and extends without dragging on the deck behind you.

  • Overload indicator as per ISAF offshore special regulations, with built-in shock absorber.
  • Elastic harness tether retracts from 6 feet to 3 feet.
  • Quick-opening snap shackle with lanyard at harness end.
  • Double-action safety hook at attachment end automatically locks and prevents accidental opening.
  • Safety hook has an ergonomic design for one-handed operation, a locking indicator, and a wide, 26 mm (1 inch ) opening mouth.
  • Snap hook is forged special aluminium to ensure excellent rustproof qualities and minimum weight.
  • Compliant with EN 1095.
  • Follows OSR - ISAF recommendations for offshore racing.
  • CE marked.
  • Lightweight polyamide webbing is retro-reflective at night, and is replaceable.
  • Wichard's #7061 ProLine'R 2 meter releasable elastic tether features an auxiliary webbing "SmartLoop" at the harness end which, as an option, can be used to attach (by girth hitching) a 1 meter tether (#7032) — effectively making it into a #7064 2-leg releasable tether.
  • The SmartLoop allows for several user options, as different configurations of these tethers are suitable for different users -- depending on the location of the harness attachment point and the weight of the user (per ISO 12401:2009)