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Sunfish JENS Halyard Kit

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BUILT TO ORDER - Expected to Ship in 4-7 Days

What you will need for assembly:

  • Jens Rig Kit (This Item)
  • Electric Drill
  • 5/32 inch Drill Bit
  • Magic Marker
  • Rivet Gun

Directions for assembly:

1. Tip your Sunfish over on its side.

2. With the Jens Rig Kit Line, tie a loose bowline around the mast below the top of the mast.

3. Run the tail end of that line through the halyard hole at the top of the mast and back down the mast towards the deck. 

4. Decide where you want to cleat the line on your mast and choose which one of the two included cleats you want to use. This is your choice.

a. Using your magic marker, mark the cleat's mounting holes on the mast and pre-drill the holes on the mast.

b. Attach the cleat to the mast with your rivet gun using the included rivets

5. Tie your halyard onto the supper spar about 12-15 inches below its normal position.

6. Run the halyard over the Jens line and down the deck padeye and to the normal cleat.

7. You should now be able to adjust the halyard using your new Jens rig.


General Parts: Clam *Junior* Rivets for cleats Line:Robline - Dinghy Control:5mm (Orange) General Parts: Horn Cleat Rigging Services:RIGENDWHIP Rigging Services:RIGEYE12S 2 LUGGAGE

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