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Spinlock Deckvest Re-arming Kit 33g CO2 Cylinder for UML Deckvest 170N

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Typically Ships in 7-10 Days from Portland, OR

This is a 33 gm re-arm kit for use with the automatic, water-activated, UML MK5i inflator used in the Spinlock Deckvest 150 N (33.7 lb) and 170 N (38 lb) buoyancy UML Pro-Sensor inflator. This sensor is water activated. It is not the Hammar hydrostatic model which is activated by water pressure at a certain depth.

  • Uses a 33 gm CO2 cylinder suitable for 150 N (33.7 lb) and 170 N (38 lb) buoyancy Deckvest 5D and Deckvest Lite Lifejackets with UML Pro-Sensor inflators. Do NOT use this re-arm kit for the USCG Deckvest Lite, which uses the DW-RAR/33G Halkey Roberts inflator.
  • This re-arming kit is also suitable for other manufacturer's lifejackets which use the UML inflator system.