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Star Sailboat Parts & Accessories

West Coast Sailing is your source for Star sailboat parts and accessories. The wo-man Star is simple enough for the novice, but complex enough to challenge the world's best. It has been an Olympic class since 1932. The Star features a sleek, lightweight hull and powerful sailplan. A flexible spar can be tuned to "depower" when the breeze kicks up. The large main is infinitely adjustable. One race on a Star often hooks sailors for life.

Double Ratchamatic Mainsheet

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your 505 sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


Carbo T2 Jib Cars

To get the most out of the 5o5 in lighter air, teams have begun to pull the boom to windward. Pulling the mainsheet bridle across is now an additional step you need to master. This simple system helps makes it easier to have perfect tacks. There is nothing to cleat or uncleat. As you roll tack, pull the center of the bridle control line where it crosses the centerboard trunk. When you get to the new high side, you'll find the bridle is now offset on the windward side. Friction contributed by the bridle's travel over the side tank, combined with the tension from the shockcord between the two T-18 blocks in the back, lock it into its new position. The system is easily adjustable as hand tension will overcome the shockcord and that friction.


Radial Vang Traveler

Gybing the 5o5 has never been easier now that most boats are running two poles. To begin the gybe, pull one of the two pole-out lines (cleated under the gooseneck on a pivoting exit block) until the inboard end hits the mast. When it's time to gybe, simply uncleat that pole-out to snap the pole back into place alongside the boom. Then gybe the boom, give the new weather pole-out line a pull, and you're off and running.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.