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Boom Vang

Boom Vang Rigging, Lines, and Blocks for Laser and ILCA Sailboats from the Experts at West Coast Sailing

Laser / ILCA Boom Vang Rigging & Parts

Regain control with an upgraded boom vang or replacement vang parts or line for your Laser / ILCA sailboat from the experts at West Coast Sailing. We offer the latest 16:1 class legal vang, the classic 3:1 vang, replica options, pre-cut line, and all the recommended blocks, pins, and fittings.

Race / 6:1 Boom Vang System



This is the current vang set up found on most modern Laser / ILCA sailboats, offering a powerful 16:1 cascade system. It features a vang base unit, double block with becket in the center, and a vang block with key at the top end, using a length of 4mm or 5mm control line with a Dyneema/Spectra primary line.

Classic / 3:1 Boom Vang System


This is the vang assembly used on Laser sailboats until 2001. It is a simple 3:1 purchase, using a jam block at the base with a simple turning block with key at the top and a 10 foot length of control line. This set up is great for the casual sailor.

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