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Flying Scot Parts

Parts & Accessories for Flying Scot Sailboats

Flying Scot Sailboat Parts & Accessories

West Coast Sailing is your source for Flying Scot sailboat parts and accessories. Hard bilges and weighted centerboard make the Flying Scot practically untippable and perfect for family daysailing, while its deliberately simple rig shifts focus from tuning and boat speed toward exciting tactical racing by a crew of two or three. In 1998, the Flying Scot was inducted into the American Sailing Hall of Fame and has been used for many U.S. sailing events, including the Mallory, Adams, and Sears Cups.

Rigging Diagram

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your Flying Scot sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


57 mm Carbo Mainsheet System

This efficient 4:1 system features a Carbo® ratchet mounted to a swivel base that rotates to face the trimmer. Sailors can hand-hold loaded lines and trim and ease under complete control.

Racing Vang

Built of lightweight 29 and 40 mm Carbo blocks, this free-running system provides a powerful 12:1 mechanical advantage for fast sail adjustments. The vang terminates on the centerboard trunk and cleats to a Harken Cam-Matic® cleat with X-Treme Angle Fairlead for easy cleating/uncleating on either tack.


This 6:1 cascading system cleats on the centerboard trunk and provides plenty of power to play the cunningham from either side of the boat.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.