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Parts & Accessories for Etchells Sailboats

Etchells Sailboat Parts & Accessories

West Coast Sailing is your source for Etchells sailboat parts and accessories. Designed in 1965 by Skip Etchells, this 35-foot trailerable keelboat is popular with sailing families and young up-and-comers. But race an Etchells and you’ll also run into sailing greats like Gary Jobson, Russel Coutts, and Dennis Conner. All are attracted to this sleek sloop. And no wonder. It tacks through 70-degrees, is sensitive to subtle tuning and trim adjustments, moves well in a light breeze, and absolutely flies in 20 knots.

Rigging Diagram

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your Etchells sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


Mast Puller

This unique underdeck arrangement bends or straightens the mast by pulling just one line.


Jib System

The gross-trim allows the trimmer to sheet in quickly, while the fine-tune permits micro adjustments when the wind is up and the loads are heavy. The lead car adjustment helps shape the sail under load. Both gross-trim and lead car adjustment systems are underdeck to keep things clean.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.