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Opti Airbags

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Heavy duty airbags provide bouyancy and safety without adding weight and sacrificing speed. Unique twist lock tube valve allows for easy inflation and deflation. 48Liter size made of durable coated nylon, not the brittle PVC material. These bags are sourced exclusively from Optiparts, a world leader in Optimist parts and accessories. Save when you buy in bulk. Buy 3 or more Airbags for $32.00 each, or 10 or more Airbags for $30.00 each. Simply select your desired quantity above and the bulk pricing will be reflected in your shopping cart.

  • Available in Red, Blue, or Yellow
  • 48 Liter size (standard)
  • Heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon buoyancy bag
  • Compliant with IOD'95 rules
  • Twist lock tube valve for easy inflating
  • Manufactured by Optiparts
  • Inflated: 29 cm x 92 cm
  • Deflated: 44 cm x 98 cm
  • Radius: 5 cm
  • Content : 48L
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