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Our Mission


West Coast Sailing will be the leading resource for products, services, and information in the small sailboat industry.


Mission Statement

West Coast Sailing exists foremost to provide for the interests of the small sailboat community. Using our knowledge, passion, and experience, we will provide outstanding service in all that we do. We will maintain strong vendor relationships and stock a comprehensive inventory of the best products. We will be a central hub for advice and information for the latest products and techniques. We will commit ourselves to giving back to our sport and those that share our passion, in an effort to foster growth and further development of the sport to make sailing more accessible, meaningful, and fun.

Our company and it's people will face challenges directly, honestly, and with the highest integrity. West Coast Sailing in turn will provide a stable, productive, and fun work environment for it's employees and provide every resource possible to enable their continued success. In fulfilling these duties, West Coast Sailing will create a positive and lasting impact on the community we serve.


Guiding Principles

West Coast Sailing is guided by the following principles:

To provide a stable, efficient, and fun work environment.

To stock the widest selection of small sailboat specific product lines as possible.

To maintain and grow an informative and easy to use web presence.

To clearly define responsibilities, roles, and accountability and empower employee success.

To face challenges head on, honestly, and with the highest integrity.

Finally, to give back to the community and sponsor worthy causes because it is the right thing to do.