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McLaughlin SailCube

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The McLaughlin Sailcube Trainer is a special order item only. Please contact for more information.
  • 3-Ply Rotomolded Plastic Hull - The 3 layer polyethylene plastic hull is strong and durable, while remaining lighter than other trainers.
  • Compatible with Optimist Equipment - SailCube rigging is designed to swap in and out of an Optimist, and vice versa With nearly the same dimensions as an Optimist, existing storage solutions, covers, and dollies will work with the SailCube.
  • What’s Included - Hiking Straps, Autobailer, Mast Step, Spars (mast, boom sprit), Sleeve Sail, Rudder and Tiller, Daggerboard, and all Control Lines and Rigging.
  • Auto-Bailing
  • Built in Drag Strips
  • 4:1 Mainsheet
  • Built in Floatation
  • Adjustable Mast Step
  • Lightweight - Under 100lbs
  • Completely Opti compatible
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