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Laser Sailboat Line Guide

Laser Line Guide - Recreational Rigging

Line guide for recreational rigged Laser sailboats with classic vang and deck hardware.

Description Length Diameter Line Type Quantity Recommended Line Options
Mainsheet 44 Feet  7mm     Polyester 1

7mm New England Ropes Bzzz

7mm Robline Dinghy Sheet XL

Boom Vang 10 Feet 5mm     Polyester 1 5mm Robline Sirius 500 
Outhaul 10 Feet 5mm     Polyester 1 5mm Robline Sirius 500
Clew Tie Down 2 Feet 4mm     Polyester 1 4mm Robline Sirius 500 
Cunningham 10 Feet 5mm  Polyester 1 5mm Robline Sirius 500 
Traveller 12 Feet 6mm  Pre-Stretch 1  
Daggerboard Bungee 8 Feet  8mm   Shock Cord  1  
Daggerboard Clip Line 2 Feet  4mm   Polyester 1  
Hiking Strap Adjuster 3 Feet  6mm   Polyester 1  
Hiking Strap Retainer  3 Feet 6mm   Shock Cord 1  
Rudder Downhaul 4 Feet  4mm   Polyester 1  
Mast Retainer Line 2 Feet  3mm   Vectran  
Bow Line 10 Feet  8mm   Polypropylene  


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