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Current Lead Times & Updates

Listed below are approximate lead times for when we would expect to deliver new boats / kayaks if an order were placed today.  Please remember these are approximations, and delays can occur.  If you have a boat on an existing order already and would like an update, please email us at BoatSales@WestCoastSailing.Net. 

Updated: September 14th, 2021

                         Product                                       Estimated Availability               
Hobie Outback  IN STOCK
Hobie Compass Slate IN STOCK
Hobie Pro Angler 12 180 January 2022
Hobie Pro Angler 14 180  November 2021
Hobie Pro Angler 12 w/360 IN STOCK
Hobie Pro Angler 14 w/360 IN STOCK
Hobie Passport 10.5 IN STOCK
Hobie Passport 12 IN STOCK
Hobie Oasis May 2022
Hobie Compass Duo December 2021
Hobie Revolution 11 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hobie Revolution 13 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hobie iTrek 9  Spring 2022
Hobie iTrek 11  Spring 2022
Hobie iTrek 14T  Spring 2022
Hobie Fiesta  Spring 2022
Hobie iTrek Eclipse  Spring 2022
Hobie Eclipse Dura 10.5/12 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hobie Tandem Island October 2021
Hobie Adventure Island NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Hobie 16  March 2022
Hobie Getaway IN STOCK
Hobie Wave October 2021
RS Aero October 2021
RS Zest October 2021
RS Feva October 2021
RS Tera Sport IN STOCK
RS Venture Early 2022
Melges 15 October 2021
 Ovington 29er  January 2022
RS Cat 16 Early 2022
RS Neo Early 2022
Zim Opti 3-4 Weeks
Zim Pram 3-4 Weeks


Order your next boat today!

Contact our boat sales team at or by calling 503-285-5536 ext 2. Our team is here to help you find the perfect boat and get you out on the water this season. Shipping available!

For the past year we’ve experienced unique and unusual delays in our supply chain. As your provider of small sailboats, Hobie kayaks, and watersports equipment we understand there’s a certain expectation you rightfully have that our shelves should be stocked with products, our warehouse filled to the brim with boats, and our lead times should be transparent and easily accessible. In a more “typical” season we would have over a 100 boats in stock at any given time, eagerly awaiting their new homes, and a team of talented people ready to deliver your new boat as quickly as possible.

We still proudly have that same team of dedicated people who are committed to getting you on the water. We still work closely with all of our vendors trying to stay as up to date as possible about when boats will be available. We also still have the same commitment to being your go-to retailer for all your small boats and Hobie kayaks needs.

With the unexpected and sudden need for factories to pause production for weeks, sometimes even months, our vendors (and our team here at home) all but shuttered in the wake of COVID’s impact. Our industry woke up to an unprecedented demand and short on supply. The game of catch-up has, at times, felt unwinnable. We are deeply humbled by the support of our vendors and customers who have worked with us and who have been understanding through these unique times. We’ve also been privileged to meet the new members of our water-sports community who have taken to lakes, rivers, oceans, and all other bodies of water.

We understand the current lead times for some products are not ideal, and can be the cause of some frustration. Our team has worked tirelessly to plan accordingly, order in larger volumes than ever before, and work to stay in continual contact with our vendors so we can provide the most accurate information as quickly as it becomes available.

Another hurdle we’ve been working through is that the cost of freight, shipping lead times, and unexplained delays. The cost of bringing in boats to our warehouse has skyrocketed while lead times have increased, and transparency of our shipments have become less than reliable. We continue to monitor all of our shipments with a close eye, but we’ve still been surprised with delays that were unpredictable.

As a team we collectively embrace all of these challenges. Nearly 16 years ago we set out on a mission to be the North American leader in our field, and we fully intend to put all of our efforts together to improve our business and continue doing what we do best; helping you get on the water.

Jared Sjolin
Sales Manager - West Coast Sailing