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Boonedox Landing Gear for Hobie Pro Angler

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Typically Ships from North Carolina in 3-5 Days

The Landing Gear is an innovative kayak Wheel System designed specifically for the Hobie Pro Angler. Wheels attach, deploy, and retract without having to tip the kayak over on side. Includes a machined gear track on top of each knuckle for mounting fishing accessories. This kit includes a 25" cross bar, allowing installation directly behind the seat on a Pro Angler. Made in North Carolina... always will be.

Recommended for 2018+ Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks

  • This model features 1/2" Aluminum Spacers for 2018+ Hobie Pro Angler kayaks.
  • Made in North Carolina... always will be.
  • Material: Stainless legs, aluminum body, stainless hardware, solid no-flat wheels.
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Color: Silver Legs, Aluminum Knuckles, orange extension bar.
  • Landing Gear legs and wheels are intended for transportation only. The Landing Gear is not intended to support the weight of a kayak during storage. Leaving the Landing Gear deployed during storage can cause flat spotting on tires, and added stress to your kayak.