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RS Zest Sailboat Questions

Q: How does the furling work on the Zest, and how does that compare to other boats in its class?

A: Furling on the Zest is super easy. Unclip the vang, easy the outhaul and twist the mast once, twice, three times or as much as you need for the wind and sailor experience levels. Then tension the outhaul, clip the vang back on and off you go. It's one of the easiest furling boats we sell.

Q: The boat has a jib, should I get it?

A: The Zest jib is very popular, but it's also not mandatory here. It's fairly small sized. We suggest if you will sail with a second person, definitely get the jib. If you will be sailing by yourself mostly, and you want a bit more to do. Get it. If you want the ultimate in lazy sailing days - skip it.

Q: This boat has a centerboard, where most other boats this size do not. That seems smart, is it?

A: This is one of the defining features of the boat compared to others like it. Sail right onto a beach, pull it onto a dock or hit something in the water - and the board kicks right back.

Q: Does the boat sit flat on a dock or beach?

A: It does, so, getting into it and out of on the beach or a a dock is really confidence inspiring.

Q: Is it easy for kids to right after a capsize?

A: The Zest has a lot of safety features, including built in grab handles on the underside of the boat. Kids should always be supervised when sailing a new boat the first number of times, but, in general, the Zest is quite easy to flip back over after a capsize.