RS Venture Sailboat Questions

Q: Ok, so what is difference between Venture S, Venture Venture Connect, Venture Connect SCS?

A: The Venture S was the original model - featuring only an unweighted centerboard. RS then introduced the Venture SE which is the same boat, with a Weighted Centerboard (127lbs) for increased stability. The family was expanded once more with the Venture Connect - which feature a retractable bulb keel. Finally, the Venture Connect SCS is used by Adaptive Sailing featuring the same keel as the Venture Connect, with seated control systems.

Q: This boat can live in the water right?

A: The Ventures with either a weighted centerboard or keel will happily live in the water :)

Q: It seems this boat can actually carry a ton of people?

A: Yes, this is one where the weight capacity actually is helpful. We’ve had programs use Ventures that have 7 kids and one instructor. 5 adults is actually no drama at all. It’s amazingly spacious.

Q: Can I put on an outboard motor?

A: Absolutely. There is a very simple and inexpensive bracket that mounts on the transom and then you can put an electric motor, or a small 2hp motor.

Q: What about stepping the mast alone?

A: We recommend raising and lowering the Venture mast with a friend. It’s not heavy, but it’s fairly long, and a second person makes it easier and safer.

Q: Compare the Quest to the Venture for me

A: The Venture, in every form, is a larger and more voluminous boat than the Quest. While a Quest is good for 3-4 adults, the Venture can take 6. The Venture is fiberglass compared to the Quests plastic hull. The Venture is a great boat to cover some decent distance with - it can be used as a weekend expedition boat and has the stability and room to make long sailing days completely comfortable.

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