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RS Quest Sailboat Questions

Q: Is this the perfect family boat?

A: Pretty much. In all honesty, this is the ~14' modern day sailing boat we've always wanted. Stable, roomy, sporty without being complicated durable and almost no maintenance. It can take 4 adults, but can be singlehanded... it's got a spinnaker and other options without breaking the bank. This is one of our most favorite models of boats to come out in years and years.

Q: Bench seating, what is the rationale?

A: The bench seats provide a really confident seating position, especially for guests or new sailors. Instead of having them sit on the rail right away, sailors have easy access to all the controls, and yet they aren't scrunched into a tight place inside the cockpit.

Q: Do I need the mast head float?

A: The Quest doesn't capsize very easily, but, with families and kids aboard, we recommend the mast head float for most situations. Prevents the boats from turning

Q: Is stepping the mast hard?

A: The Quest mast isn't heavy, but it is a bit lengthy. Some adults do it themselves, others prefer the confidence of two people (the second person usually helping to pin the forestay wire). For the first few times, use two people, and as you gain confidence, you'll see how you can do it solo.

Q: Foredeck kit, do I get it?

A: You know, for the first year or so, we sold most boats with the foredecks. It's honestly an esthetic thing. But, these days, the majority of Quests are sold without them. The foredeck is 35-40lbs, and adds costs. It looks smart, but, we have lots of customers who skip it, and we don't think they are that much worse off for doing so.

Q: I don't know if I want to buy the spinnaker yet, can I add it later?

A: Absolutely. All of the installation points are pre-built into the hull, and the spinnaker kit that can be purchased anytime after will have all the hardware and fasteners needed. Not a problem.