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Acme Fatso Jr Carbon Tiller Extension

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48 inches


Typically Ships in 2-3 Weeks from Portland, OR

The Acme 'Fatso Jr.' is the gold standard for carbon fiber Laser tillers. This extension is extremely stiff and lightweight and the textured surface is easy to grip. The 48" length is an ideal length and the 1" diameter works well for many sailors, allowing room to hold a mainsheet in your grip. Combined with the Carbon Fiber Tiller, this extension delivers precise, direct feel - priceless when the stakes are high!

  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • Includes standard universal joint and base
  • 48" Length
  • 1" Diameter
  • SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS - Cannot ship to Australia or Europe due to length

*Please note that the 'Fatso' version of this extension as well at the 54" length have been discontinued. This item is the 48" 'Fatso Jr' and the only ACME carbon tiller extension currently manufactured. For additional diameters, consider the Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension.

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